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SSDev Framework

What is it?

This is a framework for developing SSDev resources. Its purpose is to provide a common interface for all SSDev resources. It is not intended to be used directly, but rather as a base for other SSDev resources. It comes with a set of tools for managing the resources and some helpful tools like Logging, Update Checker, etc.


**Important: Make sure you name the resource ssdev_framework and you ensure it before any other ssdev resources

  • Simply download the zip of this repo and extract it to your resources folder. Its recommeneded to keep all SSDev resources in a folder called "[ssdev]".
  • Open your server.cfg and add the following line to the end of the file:
ensure ssdev_framework
ensure [ssdev] -- Or if you placed somewhere else, ensure that instead


Theres no specific configuration you need to do to get this working, its simply a drag and drop. By default this works with QBCore & ESX (es_extended) & ox_inventory. If you need to add your own framework support take a look at the shared/loader.lua file (mainly the predefinedFrameworks variable) and then look at the files in client/frameworks/*.lua & server/frameworks/*.lua to see what you need to implement in your own framework.


GetLogger(prefix: string, loggingLevel: int)Gets an instance of the Logger using its own prefix and logging level
GetFramework(framework: optional\|string)If an active framework was found you can call this parameterless. Else you can provide a framework name to get the core framework object. E.G. for es_extended it will provide you the ESX object on both client & server side respectively